Mercury Medical Technologies

Mercury Medical Technologies is a medical device incubator chartered with facilitating the success of medical device companies as measured by overall economic impact - including company formation and job creation. Early stage and emerging medical device companies in the incubator are developing therapies that become fundable, independent businesses. Mercury Medical Technologies is an extension of the IPZ’s efforts to support regional economic expansion through the encouragement of companies desiring to form, accelerate, and grow in the field of medical manufacturing. In designing a brand identity for Mercury, I used visual language to emphasize technical collaboration, while utilizing generative graphics- fresh, morphing brand assets that communicate the flexibility and ever-changing quality of the organization and its clients.

Mercury's web interface

I designed the concept for Mercury's website to facilitate collaboration between designers, investors, and companies. The user logs on as one of these user types, and is easily connected to the appropriate people and tools to get the job done. Whether it's funding or a 3d printer, Mercury's site will provide the necessary tools to make ideas a reality.

Generative Logo

The logo is an ever-changing form that uses data to visualize the growth and changes of the business network and day-to-day activities, like when a machinist is using a tool or a designer checks in at a computer.

Desktop Layout

The the desktop site displays the morphing graphic at a large scale and provides the same functionality as the mobile site.