Maple Leaf Music Space

Maple Leaf Music Space is an educational music center with a strong focus on Jazz. Ev Stern, the director at Maple Leaf, teaches intensive, 8-week Jazz Workshops throughout the year. Other musicians use the space to teach private lessons in a variety of styles and instruments. Jam Sessions and Live Performances bring some of the finest musical talent to Maple Leaf. It was an exciting opportunity to brand and market Maple Leaf Music Space. What might the visual identity of such a place look like? Considering the broad array of styles, services, and events going on under one roof, the brand would need to act like a platform: Flexible, colorful, and simple. Many different styles and audiences need to be addressed under the umbrella of the brand.

Maple Leaf Music Space - Graphic Standards

Website Production

The website is a modular layout. Different groups and activities are coming together to form an exciting whole.

Promotional Materials

A variety of promotional materials are created in both print and digital form, staying fresh in their color and form, yet always adhering to brand standards.